Where to eat a special pizza in the center of Florence

Girasol is the best place to eat high quality pizza right in the center of Florence. Not all pizzas are the same. And here you will find only excellent pizza, with the perfect balance between taste and health.

In fact, Girasol is committed to use top Italian and local ingredients, from the preparation of the dough to the filling. This is what makes a highly digestible pizza.

In the kitchen you will find precious products such as: extra virgin olive oil 100% made in Italy, San Marzano tomatoes, traditional and buffalo mozzarella cheese, flour “Oro di Macina” from Vigevano mill. This special type of flour preserves raw and vital wheat germ, with low fat and high amount of vegetable protein.

With the greatest attention to clients’ satisfaction, don’t miss the chance to have a pizza at Girasol, in Florence center.


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