Our menu: restaurant and pizzeria

Girasol kitchen aims to satisfy all your cravings. Restaurant and pizzeria menu is very rich, which is a pleasure to find while browsing around Florence center.

Pizza is the most popular dish at Girasol, in fact there are numerous flavours ranging from traditional recipes to gourmet and creative versions.

Beyond pizza, there are so many dishes to taste, such as typical food selections, grilled meat and homemade desserts.

Tuscan food selections, served on a rustic wooden chopping board, contain top local delicacies: a rich and well balanced mix of tastes to recall Tuscany traditions.

Grilled meat is another must at Girasol. Behind every successful barbecue there is an excellent meat. And Girasol serves Chianina beef raised in Tuscany.

As to desserts, Girasol showcases the recipes of tradition, just like those prepared by Italian grannies decades ago: a sweet jump into the past.

Besides à la carte selection, Girasol offers menus dedicated to groups of at least 8 persons.

Besides à la carte selection, Girasol offers menus dedicated
(to groups of at least 8 persons).

Group Menus

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